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Prime or subcontractor did not receive its monthly form.

It is possible that your service provider directed the SHA email to the contractor’s SPAM mailbox. Contact SHA to ensure that the correct email address is listed.

Prime has not received the cancelled checks from the bank for the month to submit to MDOT SHA Compliance.

Type the amount paid to the subcontractor for that month on the monthly form. Once the cancelled checks are received from the bank:
  • Scan and save the front and the back of the cancelled checks to the computer;
  • Type in the correct naming convention:
    i.e. “XX1195369_v522192217_Mar2010_Cancelled Checks.pdf;”
  • Submit the checks to the MDOT SHA Compliance Mailbox with the correct naming convention at

I continue to receive reminders even though I sent in my payment form.

  • Make sure you returned your form in “excel “ format.
  • Forms must be received by the 10thof each month to avoid receiving a reminder. Reminders are sent out on the 15th and 20th of each month.
  • Be sure you are using the correct form for that month; i.e. the form due by August 10, 2010 should have reporting month of July 2010 on the form.
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