Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

COMAR is the official compilation of all regulations issued by agencies of the State of Maryland. The Maryland Register is COMAR’s temporary supplement, printing all changes to regulations as soon as they occur, and provides official notice of many public meetings. At least once annually, the changes to regulations printed in the Maryland Register are incorporated into COMAR by means of permanent supplements. OPR’s specific responsibilities regarding the COMAR process fall into four categories :

  • Reviewing recently enacted State legislation to determine if regulations are needed;
  • In conjunction with subject-matter experts, drafting new regulations and the requisite supporting documentation;
  • Ushering the regulation through the internal review and promulgation process;
  • Cataloguing and responding to comments submitted by the public on proposed regulations; and
  • Reviewing the biweekly editions of the Maryland Register for regulations or amendments to regulations proposed by other agencies that may impact SHA.

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Codification Regulation Title
11.04.01 Permits for Oversize and Overweight Vehicles
11.04.02 General Conditions for Movement of Oversize and Overweight Vehicles
11.04.03 Specific Conditions for Movement of Certain Oversize and Overweight Vehicles
11.04.04 Oversize and Overweight Vehicles—Escort Vehicles, Signing, and Lighting
11.04.05 Commercial-Industrial or Subdivision Street Permits (All Entrance Permits other than Residential)
11.04.06 Residential Entrance Permits
11.04.07 Control and Use of Rest Areas
11.04.08 Junkyard Licensing and Control
11.04.09 Bicycles
11.04.10 Specific Information or Business Signs
11.04.11 Overweight Vehicle Permits for Certain Containerized Cargo Hauling
11.04.12 Local Delivery Truck Routes
11.04.13 Smart Growth
11.04.14 Traffic Control Signal Monitoring Systems —Duration of Yellow Signal Indications
11.04.15 Work Zone Speed Control Systems
11.04.16 Mobile Seafood and Produce Vendors