Office of Construction (Engineering Support Section)

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Monitor/Process Change Orders
  • Contractor Annual Ratings
  • Project Overrun/Underrun Records
  • Monthly Asphalt Cement FOB Prices
  • Federal Project Closeout
  • Monthly Diesel Fuel Prices
  • Pre-Bid Scheduling Records
  • Maryland Quality Initiative Program
  • Track Value Engineering Change Proposals
  • Engineering & Technical Support
  • Contract Claims
  • Partnering Program
  • Write, Review, Interpret Specs & Standards
  • Quality Initiatives
  • Bidability Reviews
  • Field Sketch Book Reviews

Claims Review Team:

Claims Mission Statement : To support SHA’s construction program by reviewing and analyzing construction contract claims to ensure costs and/or time adjustments are justified.

Responsible for reviewing and analyzing all construction contract claims that have advanced beyond the District level to determine if the contractor is entitled to additional money and/or time. This includes gathering the appropriate documents; interviewing personnel; visiting the site; taking photographs; researching specifications, laws, and codes; preparing reports and letters; supervising statewide claims consultants; setting up and attending meetings with the appropriate parties; organizing mediations for the District Offices; and advising the Districts on claims related issues.

Additionally, the Claims Review Team establishes policies and procedures for and processes Change Orders, Additional Work Requests, and Prior Approvals; evaluates and approves Consultant Service Task estimates; and works on various engineering and technical teams.

Specifications/Engineering Support Team:

Provides engineering and technical support to the Director, Office of Construction, Deputy Directors, Office of Construction, Deputy Administrator/Chief Engineer for Operations, SHA Administrator, MDOT authorities, etc. Responsibilities include researching engineering related subjects in preparation of correspondence, reports, technical writing, and in response to inquiries or surveys from other agencies and states; researching new and innovative complex civil engineering technologies as they apply to construction engineering, construction project management techniques, and construction inspection methodologies; performing bidability reviews on Invitation for Bids (IFB), Plans & Addenda; write, review & interpret Specifications and Standards; and perform field sketchbook reviews.