Office of Construction (Construction Inspection Division)

Mission Statement: To support SHA’s Construction Program by providing training , administrative and technical assistance, and recognition programs to develop and maintain a knowledgeable and safety conscience construction inspection team.

The purpose of this division is to facilitate the efficient and timely management of SHA’s Construction Program by providing qualified construction inspection personnel statewide. Responsible for hiring and training of inspection personnel to provide engineering districts with a proficient workforce.


  • Manpower Management
  • Expense Reimbursement Approval
  • Construction Manuals and Directives
  • Personal Training Records
  • Training Courses
  • Maintain Construction Contract files
  • Vehicle Assignments

Training Team:

Mission Statement: To proactively provide our employees with meaningful Career and Personal development opportunities by supporting, involving and listening to our customers. To achieve our mission, we have two goals:

  1. Provide meaningful training opportunities for all OOC/CID employees
  2. Effectively manage all OOC/CID training programs and processes

Responsible for the development and implementation of the Construction Training Program. Our Construction Training Program emphasizes practical, hands-on training that provides the maximum benefit for our employees. We strive to present customized training by including our employees in the pre-development work to ensure the training objectives are clear and the learning transfer to the job is maximized.

The OOC/CID Training Team, as well as the new Training Center, is located at 7450 Traffic Drive, in Hanover Maryland. The Training Center provides a central location for our employees, who are assigned statewide, to attend training. However, classes may be offered at satellite locations to address a specific training need.

Construction Engineering Manpower Management (CEMM): Responsible for the efficient and effective use of manpower. Project the short and long range manpower needs of the Construction Inspection Division in order to provide proper inspection of the Administration’s construction projects.

Technical Team: Provides support, conducts research and prepares technical correspondence and reports for management. Responsible for developing, updating and monitoring OOC and CID forms, directives and manuals. Represents the Office of Construction on the Specifications Clearinghouse and New Products Committee.

CID Field Inspectors: The inspector is responsible for protecting the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the work. When, in the judgment of the inspector, the plans and specifications are not being properly followed and he/she has been unable to obtain compliance by the Contractor, the District should be notified so that appropriate action can be taken. Inspection must be performed during the progress of the work; inspection after completion defeats the purpose of providing quality control and assurance on the job, as potential deficiencies must be detected during construction. Otherwise, they may be permanently covered. The result could be a latent defect, which might contribute to a structural failure or other disaster.

Construction Inspection Division Field Inspectors:

Transportation Engineers I – III
Transportation Engineering Technicians I – V
Consultants – Transportation Engineering Technicians I – IV


  • Project Inspection
  • Daily Reports
  • Initiating Progress Payments to Contractors
  • Item Ledger Book
  • Earthwork computations
  • Correspondence tacking
  • Materials Clearance
  • Materials testing
  • Final Summary Project Close-out
  • Compliance w/MOT, MBE/DBE, Payroll and Erosion and Sediment Control laws and regulations.