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Geospatial Technologies

Geospatial Technologies


The GIS Services Team Provides geographic information and services to support the business processes of the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA).

To reduce the inefficiency of maintaining redundant data, SHA works closely with our Federal, Regional, State and Local counterparts along with various other organizations. Working closely with our counterparts ensures data coming from either is based on the authoritative source, thus reducing the likelihood of data discrepancies.

As the need for geospatial data has grown beyond just the need for paper map, SHA offers a variety of ways for users to interact and fully leverage the power of geospatial data.

Printed Maps

Many of the printed maps produced by the SHA are available to view online, download and print. These maps display a range of information, including administrative boundaries, statewide construction zones, and traffic volume information.

Interactive Maps

Interactive mapping is now probably the most common utilization of geospatial technology. Interactive mapping allows users to explore GIS data in focused functionality entirely online. Prepared content can be navigated quickly and easily and updated directly as the data is updated.


Dashboards combine graphs, charts, tables and maps to help users explore and understand complex data sets in a graphical context.

GIS Data Downloads

Working in partner with DoIT and the GIO Office, SHA is now leveraging the power and resources of MD iMap and its GIS Data Catalog as the vehicle for the dissemination of SHA's geospatial data. The GIS Data Catalog allows users to quickly search for the latest geospatial data for SHA. Use keyword or geographic searches to find and quickly display data in a variety of formats. Users can also gain direct access to the data via APIs for local use and of course download into multiple formats.