Office of Procurement and Contracts

Welcome to SHA’s Office of Procurement and Contract Management.

All Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Architectural/Engineering (A/E) projects are pursued on a competitive technical/negotiated price basis. All A/E projects in excess of $200,000 are pursued in accordance with COMAR 21.12.02, which sets forth the regulations of the Transportation Professional Services Selection Board (TPSSB) and MDOT’s A/E Internal Guidelines.

The Office of Procurement and Contract Management’s (OPCM) Consultant Services Division (CSD) is responsible for the procurement of SHA’s A/E contracts in accordance with COMAR Title 21.12.02, MDOT’s A/E Internal Guidelines and Federal Laws and Regulations, and advertising all MDOT TPSSB A/E projects in excess of $200,000 to solicit Consultant Expressions of Interest. Project advertisements are placed in The Daily Record and in eMaryland Marketplace for a minimum of 15 days per COMAR Title Regulations. The date published in the Daily Record is the project(s) advertisement date.

The Standard SHA Request for Proposal details how a Consultant shall prepare Technical and Price Proposals. Also included are the standard General Conditions included in all A/E Contracts. If you require additional information or need assistance please contact us at or call 410-545-0437.